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Areas of Specialism

Sexuality and issues around gender, parenting problems, career crises, relationships, issues for male & female survivors of sexual abuse, issues around disability, dyslexia, infertility, anger, rage, eating and body-image issues, anxiety, bereavement, life dilemmas, redundancy and depression -- to name but a few...
We are an LGBT and Trans affirmative practice.

For some years I counselled staff and residents at The Chaseley Trust in Eastbourne, a residential and day care centre for those with severe physical disabilities. I was a counsellor at Options Counselling Project, a division of NHS primary care and at Mankind UK, a Charity working with survivors of sexual abuse. Previously, I counselled at the Brighton and Hove Federation of Disabled People and I have supervised Rethink's senior operations worker for their Survivors of Suicide project and have also supervised for the LGBT Switchboard. Currently, I am a Gestalt Centre and Brighton University registered supervisor and a supervisor for the Terrance Higgins Trust.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Each person is unique, so there are many and varied ways in which people will experience and benefit from their counselling. My counselling methods have given rise to the following changes in clients:

Feeling happier, more contented; feeling alive and having more energy; feeling empowered; feeling more authentic and less fragmented; feeling more calm and relaxed; improved health; greater acceptance of life circumstances; improved self-esteem and self-awareness. Or as one client said, "It gets the problem off my chest..."
Moving from a place of feeling overwhelmed. Learning a lot about myself and not the things I expected to learn.

What previous clients have said:

"I got the support I needed to make the career change I'd been putting off..."
"Having thought of myself as a victim of others' actions, I began to see my own part in how my life was. This empowered me to change things more to how I wanted them..."
"My relationship got better even without me realising I'd changed..."
"I finally made it through a whole day without shouting at my kids..."

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